the figure eight or infinity symbol

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i am helping a sculpter with his figure 8 project and would like to create a multi media event around the number 8....I am brand new to sacred geometry...can anyone tell me about the number 8 or any related 8 type forms...tahnk you, lisa
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  • In Buddhism - the number eight represents the 8 Fold Path to overcome suffering:

    1. Right Knowledge
    2. Right Aspiration
    3. Right Speech
    4. Right Behavior
    5. Right Livelihood
    6. Right Effort
    7. Right Mindfulness
    8. Right Absorption


    Consider the meaning of the 8 sided geometric shape of the Octagon. This is a sacred shape within both Islam and Sufism.

    According to this site:
    ‘‘in arabia, the sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the moon as the male god. The moon god was Allah!’’ [alfred buillaume, islam (london: penguinbooks,1954)]

    the crescent or half moon is in arabic ‘hilal’ which is a perfect anagram of ‘Allah’.

    "The moon and the sun ,having the appearance of the two biggest and most luminous objects in the sky as well as sources of light and energy and water supply (full moon is believed to cause the flooding of the rivers) that sustains agricultural life, symbolised first life and fertility among early Accadeans before becoming later to symbolize spiritual illumination as they both came to form the god of light and illumination which represent the ‘ man of the highest state mind or super-consciousness ’ in later Babylonian and chaldean eras(this idea was behind the greek theory of psyho-cosmic emanations which came to be adopted by neo-platonists and post-islamic sufis):

    Mes’udi (d. 957) writes: "temples of the Sabians of Haran are dedicated to the sun , the moon and the stars whose spheres represent ‘ different states of mind or consciousness’. Among these temples there are some which have names like the ‘temple of the first cause’ (‘first highest state of consciousness or mind’ is considered as the first cause) or ‘the temple of the highest mind represented by the sphere of the sun and the moon. " Hence the man who attained the highest state of mind is represented by the double god of the sun and moon and its corresponding temples are the sun temple and the moon temple .mes’udi further states that the sun temple has a base of a square whereas the moon temple has a base of an octagon. The prophet said in the recital that Caba of Mecca was built by Abraham and his son ishmael who were Hanifs therefore Sabians hence the Sabian nature of the temple."

    "Thus the temple of Allat in Mecca was taken over by Allah to the monothiestic gnostics the male deity and the female deity came to fuse in one diety named Allah and to keep the female element within the new symbology and retain the original balance the sufi builders decided to re-build a moon temple(the octagonal dome of the rock) in Jerusalem during the reign of Caliph Abdelmelik around 8th century ad."


    A look into Platonic solids:
    Plato's "theory of everything" (Timaeus) states that the 8 sided octahedron equates with the element of air (gas). An interesting coorelation is the modern day reporting in a paper that proposes that galaxies over immense periods of time collect into super clusters. This writing is called "The egg-carton Universe" by Eduardo Battaner and Estrella Florido:

    "...simplest network compatible with magnetic field constraints is made up of octahedra contacting at their vertexes. This suggests a set of superimposed egg-carton structures. Our aim in this paper is to show that the real large-scale structure is actually fitted by the theoretical octahedron structure."


    "Eight is seven plus one, and is hence the start of a new order, the beginning of a new era. Eight thus represents regeneration and resurrection. When the flood washed the earth clean, in a type of baptism, eight people were saved in the ark."


    "The focus of eight are material extensions and money operations. This is a powerful numbers for the acquiring of money and material goods. If eight comes up in your reading, you have great gains and failures. Eight describes the "new life" and "new beginnings". Eight's main brandishing is that of business. Does not base on luck; the success comes through skillful planning. The message of immortality and life after death is appearing in the very early meanings of eight."


    I hope this helps on your ever expanding quest into the universe of sacred geometry. Sounds like this sculpture is gonna be a very involved piece of art.

    L -

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    ah, you should have found my posts a few months ago. i had an 88888888888 obsession. its facsinating.

    no8 represents infinity. its has the profile of the mobus strip. infacts the mobis strip -- a distorted one -- is a circle. symbol of completion and wholeness. but 8 contains 2 circles.

    therefore 8 represents a completion, like the circle, but on a new level, or another octaves, an end and a begining. the no. of days in a week is 7, but the 8th day, say a monday, is the begining of a new week. in nature every 8th wave arriving at the the sea shore is bigger than the rest. in the same way, in music, the 8th note is another octave.

    8 hertz, very interestingly, is the brainwave frequency healers and mystics most tune into. futhermore, 8 hertz is schumans resonance~the frequency of earth (earth vibrates). humans cannot survive without it. astronauts need a 8 htz generator to maintain health. life depends on that frequency, otherwise we would not buzz. its a common alpha frequency meditators frequency slip into for so called 'expanded conciousness' .

    my personal take on that is epanded consciousness a desciptive term to what is happening to you. your thoughts travel outside the confines of the crainium. your mind goes beyond the cavity of the head and travels to that on which it thinkith; without you having to take the physical luggage of the brain. hense, we expand. we think not with brain (a common misnomer), as we already ARE, and always were even before you were born (suprise!!). 8 htz is the doorway frequency to that 'many other state' consciousness.

    8 also ties in closely with DNA groupings 8x8=64 (i can't explain, i am not microbiologist). 8x8=64 sqares of the iching, and the 8x8=64 squares of a chess bord (that represents the universe.)

    lisa, if you are an artist, threre lots of meat there to eat.

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